2 pcs. Apiroy. For attracting bait for the swarms.

Buy 2 pcs. Apiroy. For attracting bait for the swarms.

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2 pcs. Apiroy 25 g. (Total 50 g.) Russian Federation, Moscow, Agrobioprom Factory.

The drug is designed to attract and capture swarms on apiaries in the period swarming bee colonies.
Pharmacological properties:
Pheromones affect the physiological state and behavior of the family. Introduction into the slot of a drug or applying it to roevnyu attracts individuals working in the nest, the swarm.
Dosage and application:
At the beginning of the expected life swarming gel is applied to the graft in an amount of 1 g in a circle diameter of 8 - 10 mm and is updated on a daily basis for the duration of swarming. When using the drug roevnyah gel in an amount of 10 g (2 teaspoons) once applied to the inner part roevni. Prepared roevni hung on poles or trees at 3 to 5 meters from the ground by the prevailing winds at 100 800m from the apiary. The frequency of inspection swarms at least once every two days. After the capture and landing of the swarm in the hive, with roevni Apiroem used for repeated captures (within 10 days).
The product is a white gel. Pheromones preparation of synthetic analogues. Packaged in plastic jars of 25 g. (8 doses).

Manufacturer Agrobioprom, Russia
UPС / EAN 4607145630831

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2 pcs. Apiroy. For attracting bait for the swarms. reviews

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