25 pcs. Ecopol. Varoa mite killing. Ecological strips.

Buy 25 pcs. Ecopol. Varoa mite killing. Ecological strips.

Product with natural component. Volatile oils.

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25 pcs x 10 strips (total 250 strips)
ECOPOL Varoa mite killing. Ecological strips. Natural component. Volatile oils.
Russian product.

Why benifit?

- Effective varroa mite killing. Has detrimintal effect on varroa mite and wax moth. 

- Essential oils only. Doesn't harm bees, doesn't affect the quality of honey.

- Is not medical product. Sold without prescription.

- Ekopol has registrated in Europe (Registration № 055/R/17-S. 


The conducted tests of eco-field showed its reliability and effectiveness, shedding the mite at the level of 98-99%.

- an environmentally friendly drug have acaricidal effect (does not contain acaricide) in the form of sheets of veneer sheets size 200x20x0,8mm containing as an active ingredient essential oils of thyme, wormwood, coriander and peppermint oil with a high content of menthol. Wooden plate ECOPOL sealed in polyethylene bags and foil 10 in each piece. ECOPOL successfully and kills adult butterflies wax moth in the nest.

Act: Essential oils that are part of ECOPOL have a strong acaricidal and repellent effect (does not contain acaricide) against varroatosis, akarapidoza and wax moth. When using ECOPOL eliminated not only the above diseases but also other pathogenic microorganisms to bees. Application ECOPOL does not lead to the emergence of resistant populations of mites.

Application: Bee family treated ECOPOL spring (after the first inspection of bee colonies), and in the summer-autumn period (after otkachkt honey) by placing strips of the drug in the hive. ECOPOL applied at the rate of 2 plate frames by 10-12 breeding. In weak families hung a plate between the 3 rd and 4 th sotoramkoy in strong - one plate between the 3 rd and 4 th, the second - between the 7th and 8th sotoramkoy. Smaller families and cores (6 frames) is sufficient in the center of the nest of one of the strip. Leave the nest from 3 to 30 days depending on the number of capped brood, zakleschёnnosti and intensity of shedding tick. It should be borne longer ECOPOL prolonged action because of the nature of evaporation of essential oils, i.e. concentration of active ingredient retained in a nest significantly longer. At low and short use zakleschennosti strips after their extraction from their hive should be tightly packed and reused when necessary. To fix the strip, you can use a paper clip through which the threaded stud (wooden twig, a piece of thin wire), and a vertical strip of the exact center of the streets (in the middle part of it) between the two frames of bee nests.
Side effects and complications of the bees in the application ECOPOL not observed in accordance with the instructions.
Prolonged use ECOPOL does not lead to the emergence of resistant mite populations.

Special instructions:
Open the package just prior to the treatment of bees. Honey bee colonies from treated ECOPOL drug used on a common basis.

In a dry, protected from light, out of reach of children, away from food and feed, at a temperature of from 5 to 25 ° C Shelf-life of the drug in compliance with all conditions of storage 2 years.

Additional Information:
ECOPOL successfully fights the wax moth. ECOPOL successfully and kills adult butterflies wax moth in the nest. Simultaneously, the antiviral and anti-bacterial "sanitation" nest microclimate.

A preparation for combating varroa and acarapidosis bees.

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25 pcs. Ecopol. Varoa mite killing. Ecological strips. reviews

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