80 ManHao Fluvalinate Strips 'WangShi'

Buy 80 ManHao Fluvalinate Strips 'WangShi'

Bee Mite Varroa Killer Beekeeping Medicines.

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Man Hao Series are small powferful stirps,small effetive surface but high concentration.

Carrier: Plastic Strip

Manhao 80Strips is 80g in weight

Notes: If varroa mites have serious resistance to drugs, Maohao series is your better choice.

Name of the veterinary drug

Common Name:Fluvalinate strip

Product Name: ManHao

Chinese Spell: fu an qing ju zhi tiao

Chemical Name: (RS)-a-cyan-3-Phenoxybenzyl N-(2-C1-a,a-a-cresyl)-D-Valine ester

Molecular Formula: C26H22CLF3N2O3 Molecular Weight: 502.92



Yellow strip with slight odour

Pharmacological Actions

The product which has contact toxicity and stomach poisoning is made by advanced and scientific compatibility of drug with superior imported tau-fluvalinate. The effect of one strip equals to common four hanging strips. The mechanism of this drug killing varroa mites is that the passage way of sodion is changed and open for a long time by fluvalinate after the drug combining with sodion on endoneural membranes. This stops the action potential of varroa mites .And then the varroa mites will get muscle spasm, movement disorder and death in the end. There is no any residual and no any pollution to bee products. The varroa mites will fall down after 30 minutes. All large and small varroa mites will be killed after using this product for 21 to 28 days in no brood period. Good effect to the resisted varroa mites.

Usage and Dosage

1. The method of hanging drug: split like "cross" according to the 4 apertures on the hanging piece. 1/2 strip drug at per aperture if more than 10 frames of common bees. 1/4 strip drug hanging on the main bees' passageway if fewer than 10 frames of common bees, but avoid contacting with the bees' spleen. Give drug again after 7 to 10 days .

2. The method of giving drug from the door of nest: insert the drug from the door of nest by an angle of 45 degrees. Turn over the strip after 5 days,change a new strip after 10 days.

3. The dose is on the basis of different situation such as the quantity of honeycombs and the quantity of varroa mites.

Period of Varroa Mites Treatment

The product can be used during the whole year. Before spring propagation, after autumn and after honey flow period are the best time. The most effective period is in no brood time. Giving drug just in the morning of good weather for good effect.

Untoward Effect

There is no any bad effect to healthy bees. But it will make some bees crawl easily, the bees are unhealthy bees, sensitive bees, bees of low resistance to drugs and bees in weak growth stages. Careful observation and necessary measurements are needed after giving drug for several hours .


Please do not use this product when the temperature is below 15 Celsius or the bee group is short of sugar. Forbid to use this product with pesticide or other alkaline drugs together, or else this drug is ineffective.


1. Try this product in 2 or 3 bee groups for 48 hours in the morning of sunny days before applying to the whole bee field. And then confirm the specific dosage schedule of the bee field or dial the hot line of our technical department.

2. Please air- dry the drugs in the shade for more than 48 hours if you find the drug strips are wet or adherent after taking apart the package. You can use the drug only when it dose not stick with your fingers , or else it is harmful to bees. Please do not keep it under sun , or else the effect is not good.

3. It is better to use this product when the effect is not obvious after using ManDi or the varroa mites are strongly resisted to common hanging strips.

4. Enhance management during the period of killing varroa mites .Adjust the dosage or the way of giving drug according to the actual situation.

5. Please do not use this product when the bee group is in transition or at initial stage of off-field.

6. Please do not use this product near to mulberry fields or ponds. Please do not dispose the waste drug in mulberry fields or ponds. Destroy the waste drug together.

7. Please keep children away from the product.

Withdrawal time honey-flow period Specification 80g/strip

Packing Specification 80 strips per packet

Expiry 4 years

Storage Method: keep in airtight, dry , shady and cool place

Registered Number of Approval Veterinary word(2011) 220662114

Manufacturing Enterprise Sichuan Wang's Animal Health Co.,LTD

Manufacturer China
UPС / EAN 6943689800018

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