2pcs. ABEJAR® swarm Attractant Lure (paste)

Buy 2pcs. ABEJAR® swarm Attractant Lure (paste)

2pcs ABEJAR swarm Attractant Lure (paste) 100gr. To apply to approximately 10 hives. (total 20 hives)

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It attracts swarms by reinforcing the power of the bee's olfactory signal so that it can find the empty hive to locate itself. Instructions for use: Place the beehive in a strategic location for the passage of bees (better combining with old wax combs). To impregnate the interior walls of the beehive and the hole with approximately 10 gr. of the lure (a level soup spoonful). The application can be repeated every 10 - 15 days to maintain a high attraction. Keep in a cool place away from sunlight.

Made in spain.

Производитель Spain

Categories: bee-garden tools

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