5-position Bee Hive Nuc Box Entrance Gates

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Beehive Box Entrance Gate is a good tool for beekeepers.

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Product Description.

Material: high quality plastic.
Color: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
Diameter 8 cm.

5 access options: fully open, drone exclusion, queen exclusion, closed with ventilation and fully closed.
Main Inlet diameter 2.5 cm. Features: Bee Hive Nuc Box Entrance disk is used on a nuc box where there is a round entrance hole
The 4 quarters of the entrance disk serve different purposes and can be rotated to enable their selection.

Features: provide ventilated closure of the entrance during transportation, allow all bees to enter or leave the nuc, allow only worker bees to enter/leave
The disk can be rotated to so that the correct quarter covers the nuc entrance hole

Round shape nest gate, made by high quality plastic, essential for beekeeping.

Manufacturer Russia

Categories: bee-garden tools

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