Bipin -T 5 ml Drugs combat Varroa bee,treatment mite in bees (amitraz) 100 doses

Buy Bipin -T 5 ml Drugs combat Varroa bee,treatment mite in bees (amitraz) 100 doses

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Bipin -T 5 ml Drugs to combat Varroa bee, treatment mite in bees (amitraz) 100 doses


Lot includes:
5 pcs with 1 vials (1 vial = 1ml)
5ml (100 doses)

Best before: March 2020 or later

International buyers please note:
Shipping from Russia Federation.

Active ingredients:
- Amitraz 12.5%

Release Form:
The solute has from light yellow to yellow color with a specific smell, containing the active substance amitraz and thymol.


Acaricides, the active ingredient of which is amitraz with the addition of thymol.
In appearance is a transparent liquid of light yellow color.


Acaricidal activity against mites Varroa jacobsoni bees.

How to use: The drug is used for the treatment of varroatosis of bees in the spring and autumn periods in the absence of brood in bee colonies.
Is used in the form of an aqueous emulsion. Working emulsion prepared by thoroughly mixing 1 ml of Bipin-T and 2 Litres clean,warm water (35-40°С), until we will get a uniform milky emulsion.
The resulting emulsion withdrawn into a syringe and watering a thin stream of bees are in the streets at the rate of 10 ml per street.
Prepared solution should be used within 12 hours. The treatment should be carried out twice at an interval of 7 days in the first half of the day in the flying weather when the outdoor temperature is not below +10° C. The treatment of bee colonies will be stopped no later than two weeks before the main honey flow in order to avoid contact with the drug in marketable honey. It is recommended to use this drug twice:
1) The first treatment immediately after honey collection and the pumping of honey;
2) Secondary - before directing families for the winter (if adult bees have varroa mites). Honey collected processed families used to eat on a general basis.
Storage: Store cautiously in the original package, in the shadowed and moisture-proof place inaccessible for children and animals, away from foodstuff, forages,heat sources and open flames at the temperature from 0°C to +30°C.

ZAO "Agrobioprom", Russia, Moscow.

Manufacturer Agrobioprom, Russia
UPС / EAN 4607145630336

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