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Device for smoking bees in varroa Fumigator.

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Device for smoking bees in varooz



Scope of application, working principle: The device is used for smoking honeybees in varooz. The principle of operation is based on high-temperature evaporation of a solution of the active substance (amitraz, fluvalinat, tau-fluvalinat, thymol, oxalic acid, etc.) with a solvent (purified kerosene, water, ethanol 96%, etc.).

Intensive dose-evaporation of the active substance in combination with a strong irritating effect (heavy traffic of bees, which leads to better shattering of mites) caused by evaporation of the solvent gives high performance treatments.

When used as an active ingredient oxalic acid and thymol (et al.), the device can be successfully used in the production of environmentally friendly (bio) products.

Technical specifications:

The weight of the device in running form 1,950 g
Dimensions: length 470 mm
height 300 mm
width 150 mm
Productivity 100 bee colonies per 20-30 min.
The effectiveness of treatment (Amitraz) for the entire period (of treatment) reaches 98.9 – 99.9%

The proposed device has passed a series of improvements and approvals, contains high resource components and parts, which ensures its smooth operation and, due to the special design of the heater, effective (economical) use of gas and qualitative evaporation of the working fluid.


Picture 1. The cheme of the device, the main components and parts:

1 – burner;

2 – pump of the working fluid supply;

3 – tank for the working fluid;

4 – heater;

5 – tank cap for working fluid;

6 – lever of the pump starter of the working fluid supply;

7 – injector;

8 – gas supply hob;

9 – gas ignition trigger (piezoelectric drive);

10 – bolt of the dosage adjustment of the working fluid supply;

11 – threaded joints with an integrated filter of working fluid;

12 – press ring of the gas cylinder;

13 – gas cylinder.


Putting into operation:

Before using the device “Varomor®” should be equipped with a gas cylinder (this work should be carried out in the yard). To do this, unscrew the press ring of the gas cylinder [12]. Turn of the gas supply in a clockwise direction [8]. Insert the convex side of the gas cylinder [13] on the bottom of the gas hotplate [1] (Picture 2). Turning the gas ring of the gas cylinders along threaded joints, push the gas cylinder up to puncturing the hull of the gas cylinder by the needle. A fault free device does not allow any leakage of gas.

To carry out the current replacement of gas cylinders after using gas only. (The gas cylinders are disposable and are not to be recharged. They are sold in the trade network of building materials).

Working arrangements of the device:

Device for smoking bees at varooz “Varomor®” can evaporate various dosage of active ingredients with appropriate solvents. Preparation of working solutions is performed according to the recommended proportions in quantities and combinations listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Preparation of working solutions.

Name of the remedy The active substance The quantity of the remedy The volume of solvent The volume of working solution(ml) For the processing of bee colonies,units
1 Tactic Amitraz(12,5%) 5 ml 100 ml of purified kerosene 105 ml 50-100
2 Klartan, Mauric Tau-fluvalinat(23,3%) 3 ml 100 ml of water 103 ml 50-100
3 Oxalic acid + thymol Oxalic acid + thymol 15g of Oxalic acid 10g of thymol 100 ml of ethyl spirit, 96%(t 40-500C) 120 ml 30-50

Procedure for preparation of working solutions:

The total number of chosen working solution of prepared for handlsng the necessary number of bee colonies, calculated in accordance with bee colonies on an apiary and norms of working solution according to the recommendations of Table 1, plus 20-30 grams needed for input device in operating mode.

Preparation of working solution 1: To add the needed amount of “Bipin” or “Tactics” to the proper amount of purified kerosene. When using the “Bipin-t” an insoluble sediment of thymol remains, which should not get into a working system of the device.

Preparation of working solution 2: An appropriate amount of klartan is added to the desired amount of water, if necessary, to heat in bain-marie (temperature 40-500 C) until complete dissolution. This working solution should be prepared immediately before use. Remains of the working solution 2 should not be kept in the working system of the device and before reusing it is desirable to be filtered.

Preparation of working solution 3: An appropriate amount of oxalic acid is added to the desired amount of ethyl spirit (96%), to heat stirring in bain-marie (t 40-500 C.) until complete dissolution of acid crystals. To the resulted solution add thymol, stir until complete dissolution. The working solution of the mentioned composition is well evaporated without forming crystals of oxalic acid in the system or the tube during processing.

The order of treatment of bee colonies with the “Varomor” device:

1. After filtering prepared working fluid open the tank cap (5), and

pour the liquid into tank for the working fluid (3).

2. Turn on gas supply (8) by turning the hob in a counterclockwise direction. Light the flame of the gas burner pressing the gas ignition trigger (9) (piezoelectric drive). Adjust the desired (optimal) mode of gas supply. The flame of the burner should not project out from the protective contour of the heater (4).

3. After 1-2 minutes, pump the working fluid by means of the lever of the pump starter of the working fluid supply (6) into the system until steady smoke from nozzle (7). Herewith the lever of the pump starter should be pulled until bumping. The lever of the pump starter is adjusted for supplying 1cm3 of fluid.

4. Enter the nozzle into the lower entrance to a depth of 1-3cm, serve in a nest of a bee colony (with power of two puffs of smoke when used the active ingredient of аmitraz or tau-fluvanilat, 2-4 puffs of smoke when used oxalic acid with thymol (it is not recommended to use the working solution 3 during the presence of the young virgin queen in the nest, as well as at air temperature over 300 C. In autumn in the absence of brood in the nest of bees, treatment with working solution number 3 must not be hold).

5. After finishing, turn off gas supply (8).

In summer the processing may only be carried after the last honey extract, or 45 days before the first honey extract, collecting bee bread, or 7 days before collecting pollen. Processing bee colonies is carried out directly in the hive, preferably in the evening after bees flying back from the field. In calm windless weather covering entrances when processing is not required. Whereas in windy conditions it is desirable to cover entrances for 15-20 minutes.

If there is a brood in the nest, treatment is carried out four times with an interval of 3 days. Compliance of interval of summer treatment (due to the biology of the Varoa mite) is an essential condition for the destruction of the mite leaving the brood.

In a broodless autumn period, it is preferably to carry out treatment at air temperature of 2-80 С. Under these conditions, the entire mite, that fell down having no contact with bees, dies. It is enough to hold the treatment 1-2 times at intervals of 3-4 days. Puffs of smoke is advisable to enter the nest of bees with an interval of 5-10 min. for loosening cluster of bees and improvement contact of bees of the whole colony with smoke.

Before and after final autumn treatment, bee families should be necessarily checked on the subject of mites (methods; Гайдар В.А., Дещо про вароатоз та вірози бджіл. (Haidar V.A. Thing or two about varoatoz and virozes of bees.)

Safety precautions when using the device:

1. Using the device requires compliance with safety rules when working with

LPG equipment and flammable substances.

2. Avoid mechanical damage of the device. This can lead to loss of

its tightness and possible leakage of gas or fluid.

3. Do not eat, drink, smoke while working with the device.

4. Try not to inhale the produced smoke. When fumigation the bees move against the wind. It is advisable to use gas and aerosol masks or respirators of “Topol” A1 or “Topol” E1 types for respiratory protection.

5. The unit should be transport in a sealed box in the luggage compartment of a car. Store in a non-residential well ventilated premises rooms.

6. At occurrence of defects in work related to the gas burner contact specialists in maintenance of gas equipment.

Technical maintenance of the device:

1. All components and connectors of the device are sealed, so they are not recommended to disassembled without need.

2. To prevent the formation of scale inside the tube, the operating system of the device should be periodically washed (pump operating) with a solution of water with vinegar (100g of water/1 tablespoon of vinegar).

3. The filter of the fluid dispenser is inside the dispenser, under the expansion tank for the working fluid. To clean it, unscrew the screwed connection with the integrated fluid filter (11) and clean the filter.

4. In case of change from the device to working solution with another active ingredient, it is desirable to wash the system a little amount of solvent that will be used in the next working solution without the active ingredient.

5. Before long storage, to prevent oxidation of the working surfaces the whole system of the device should be required washed with plenty of conventional kerosene. This will ensure its long-lasting and smooth operation.


The complete set includes:

1. The device “VAROMOR®” ——————– 1

2. Instructions for use —————————- 1

Manufacturer Russia
Weight 2 kg

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