WANGSHI 550ml Manjie Fluvalinate Formic Acid Fumigant Spray

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550ml Manjie Fluvalinate And Formic Acid Fumigant Spray Bee Medicine

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[NAME OF PRODUCT] Fluvalinate And Formic Acid Fumigant

[MAIN COMPONENTS] 4.2%Fluvalinate, 0.8% Formic Acid

[Character] Slight yellow clear and transparent liquid

[PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIONS] Formic acid belongs to miticide,able to penetrate shell and destroy skeleton, cell and respiratory system of varroa mite

[Adaptation Disease] Use for kill varroa mite and tropilaelaps clareae in brood combs

[USAGE AND DOSAGE] Shake bottle up and down; Insert the plastic tube attached on the bottle into hive entrance to spray; Press and loosen the nozzle at interval about one second for one time; Spray one time for less than 10 honeycombs and two times for equal or more than 10 honeycombs;Spray one time for each colony of two-queen bee swarms; Respray one time every four days.Three times as a course of treatment.

Add one or two more times for a more serious bee mite treatment


1. Do not spray directly to bees

2. Flip over the bottle when using,but do not strike.Keep away from fire source, heat source.Do not puncture the bottle or throw into fire.

3. As the differences of colonies, temperature,water quality, territory,medication time, it is recommended a treatment test for one or two colonies.Once there is an abnormality, medication time and dosage should be timely adjusted. Make sure the best dosage before widely use in bee house. Any question please call our technical inquiry.

4. Do not contact eyes. Please wear protection gloves and mask when spraying. Wash with soap after skin contact.

5. Do not spray to human or food. Keep away from kids or pets.If they mistakenly eat this product, please make them vomit at once and see the doctor as soon as possible.

6. People who are allergic to this product is forbidden to use.Users having adverse effect need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

7. Forbid using during honey flow period

8. This product is toxic to aquatic animal and silkworm.Forbid using near to mulberry fields or ponds. Please do not throw about the bottle waste in mulberry fields or ponds. Dispose the bottle waste together.

[SIZE] 550ml/bottle

[EXPIRY] 2 Years

[STORAGE AND SHIPPING] Store in cool,ventilated and dry place. Do not place in over 50 centigrade or moist environment such as insolation,balcony, kitchen,bathroom and cab etc.; Do not store or ship with food, seed, fodder,flammables and explosives; Use foam, carbon dioxide or dry powder extinguisher as a fire suppression while coming across fire danger.

Manufacturer China

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